Annual Proficiencies

Annual Proficiencies

All surf lifesavers must attend an annual update session in order to remain as proficient surf lifesavers on the beach. North Steyne SLSC maintains a high standard in terms of the competency of its patrolling members. Each season, SLSA and SLSNSW set minimum standards for annual proficiency testing. North Steyne’s Patrols Sub-Committee reviews the requirements and adds components where necessary, always careful to ensure the minimum standard set by National and State is met if not exceeded.

Bronze Dry Proficiencies

Dry proficiencies for the 2017-18 season will be held in October and November. See the homepage calendar for dates and times. We have scheduled times both on week day evenings and week-ends to make it convenient for everyone to attend.

Bronze Wet Proficiencies

Wet proficiencies will be run with your patrol. Speak to your patrol captain about your wet proficiency options.

ARTC Proficiencies

Refer to the homepage calendar for the ARTC proficieny dates.

If you have your ARTC, you do not need to attend the Bronze dry proficiency evening. Please book a day and time, via email to as soon as possible – bookings are essential!

  1. In the 2017-18 season, our Bronze Medallion holders will be required to complete the following to remain proficient: 200m run, 200m swim, 200m run in 8 minutes or less
  2. Resuscitation
    a. live patient: DRSABCD & recovery position
    b. 2 minutes individual CPR on a manikin with mask
    c. ‘team’ scenario including oxygen and defibrillator
  3. Signals (10 out of 10 correct)
  4. Board rescue behind the break
  5. Radio use
  6. Aquatic spinal scenario

Surf Rescue Certificate holders (13-14 year old’s) are not required to do point 2c, and are required to complete a 100m run-swim-run in 5 minutes or less.

Please note that SRCs turning 15 should enrol in a Bronze Medallion upgrade to become senior surf lifesavers; the SRC award will not be accepted for patrolling members who are 16 years old.