There are various surf sports disciplines within the Surf Life Saving movement – all are designed to keep surf lifesavers fit and active. Beach running and other associated beach events have their origins in maintaining a level of fitness that enabled surf lifesavers to reduce the amount of time needed to respond to an emergency at the beach.
Beach events are held on the sand and include 4 main events. These are:


Beach sprint

Here competitors race on a straight sand course or track (much the same as athletics sprints). Competitors race over distances of 70m for Nippers (U8 – U14) and Masters (30yrs+). The distance is 90m for U15 to Open competitors. Judging for places is completed manually via a panel of judging officials at the finishing line or with electronic timing gates.
Beach sprinting is an excellent way for any athlete to build leg strength and core strength due to soft nature of beach sand as the running surface.

Beach Flags

The beach flags event is an exciting and very competitive event but great fun for club members of all ages. Competitors start by lying on their stomach facing away from a baton (usually made from hose pipe of approx 30cm in length), placed vertically with one end buried in the sand a distance from the competitor (15m for Nippers and 20m for Masters & U15 to Open competitors). There are always less batons than competitors. On the starting gun or whistle being blown, competitors will rise, turn and race to secure a baton. The competitor(s) who fail to obtain a baton are eliminated. The process repeats until there is a single winner.

Beach Relay

Unlike athletics, beach relays are conducted in straight lines run end to end on the beach sprint track rather than around a standard 400m running track. Teams of four competitors race the straight line sand course holding a baton, running one lap each and passing the baton to each other. The final runner of a team over the finish line wins. Distances are as above depending on your age groups (except Masters beach relay teams, where the cumulative age of the four runners is added together to determine which category they will run in e.g. 140, 170, 200 or 220+ years)

2km Beach Run

This is the endurance event for surf lifesavers. Here competitors race on a sand course along the beach, usually about 500m in length for four laps totalling 2km.

Club Championships

Club Championships are traditionally held on the last patrolling Sunday of the season. All members of North Steyne are invited to enter the carnival and festivities of the day.
Events such as board races, swim races, ski races, beach flags and sprints are held on the day.
A great day had by all with trophies and medals to be won.