Want to become a Surf Lifesaver

If you are aged 15 or over and would like to become a surf lifesaver then this is the place to start (if you are 13-14 years of age please see the SRC page or if Under 13, see the Nippers section. The Bronze Medallion is the first step in becoming a surf lifesaver and a great place to become involved in the North Steyne SLSC community.

What Does It Involve

The Bronze Medallion takes around 8-10 weeks generally requiring two training sessions per week. Usually one weeknight in the Clubroom (we call this a dry session) and one weekend afternoon on the beach and in the water (we call this a wet session).

The first requirement is a proficiency swim, of 400m in a pool in 9 minutes. This must be completed before training starts and will be organized by your trainer.

Bronze Medallion training requires substantial effort and time allowance on the part of those taking the course. Whilst there is some flexibility to accommodate an individual’s other activities such as sport, study, work, as well as overseas and domestic travel, regular attendance is expected. Failure to attend regularly often extends the time taken for training Bronze Medallion groups which is unfair on others taking the course and trainers. All active members who have completed a Bronze Medallion are required to join and attend assigned patrols (around 9 half days per season) for at least two seasons.


The Bronze Medallion program costs $310 (This includes a resuscitation mask.) Which is fully paid to the Club. It includes 1 year membership of North Steyne SLSC & everything you need as a patrolling surf lifesaver.

How To Begin

If you have any questions or would like to talk to someone first, contact the education team – email us at education@northsteyneslsc.com.au – or just drop by the Clubhouse and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Most importantly have fun

Bronze Medallion training is a way into a great club with many social activities and events. Please visit the Cadets for those under 18.

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