How do I become a Cadet?

Cadets are North Steyne SLSC members aged 14-17. Cadets play an important part at North Steyne SLSC and are the future of our organisation. Anyone between the ages of 14 and 17 can become a Cadet. Being a Cadet is all about having fun and giving it a go, with competition optional. It’s an awesome way to meet new people and make friends as well as keeping fit! Cadet sessions are held every Sunday morning throughout the Surf Life Saving season and usually involve board paddling, swimming, and beach activities.

Surf Sports

Surf sports including board paddling, surf swimming, board relays, Cameron relays, beach flags, Champion lifesaver, first aid comp, Surfing, Beach sprints, Surf ski paddling, Surf boat rowing, standup paddle boarding and bodysurfing can all be learnt through Cadets.

We have board paddling groups and ski paddling groups so if you are interested in becoming involved in surf sports, Cadets is a fantastic way to get into it.

Click here to visit the competition section of the website for details of all the different Surf Life Saving events that North Steyne SLSC has to offer; as well as carnival dates and training schedules.

Bronze Medallion

Cadets who are 15 years or older can obtain their Bronze Medallion. For more information about the Bronze Medallion click here.
An accelerated ‘SRC to Bronze’ medallion course is run for Cadets with their SRC.

SRC tp Bronze FAQ’s

Candidates, with or without SRC, must be a minimum of 15 years of age at the time of the DRY assessment which is held before the date of the wet assessment.

This is usually a condensed Bronze course as it is assumed that candidates are up to date and proficient with their SRC award. The new topics covered for bronze are Radios. The first aid component is expanded and oxygen and defib are introduced. All components of CPR, body checks etc are trained in more detail with candidates expected to do it to a higher standard and within 4 minutes

If the candidates are in attendance and attentive for all sessions, they can complete it in 4 to 5 weeks. Missed sessions either wet or dry, must be made up.

These include board and tube rescue practice, run swim/run/practice (200m x 200m x 200m), spinal and carries and scenario practice.

These sessions are usually run on the weekend, according to the availability of candidates.

Competition training

For Cadets interested in competing in Surf Life Saving carnivals, there is training throughout the season. We have many experienced coaches at North Steyne SLSC. We offer board training and iron person training as well as ski paddling groups. Training and competing are a tonne of fun and a great way to get fit, have fun, develop your surf sport skills and be around your mates!

Social events

As well as having the opportunity to meet new people and make heaps of friends, North Steyne SLSC Cadets have heaps of events throughout the season. They include Beach volleyball, Touch Footy, Snorkeling, Pizza and movie night sleepovers, BBQ Master chef, Laser skirmish, Barista course, Indoor rock climbing and Quarantine Station Ghost Tour.