First Aid & Resuscitation

What awards are available?

Once you have completed your Bronze Medallion there are many other awards that you can do. The next level of awards includes Apply First Aid, Advanced Resuscitation and Spinal (as well as IRB awards).

How much do they cost?

Nothing! Once you have completed your Bronze Medallion and as long as you are proficient and have paid your fees, all higher awards are free! All of these awards will increase your skills and knowledge as a surf lifesaver.

What are they and how long do they take?

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    Apply first aid

    this is a work cover accredited course that covers a much wider range of first aid scenarios than the Bronze Medallion. This course generally takes 2 evenings to complete.

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    Advanced Resuscitation

    this course involves the use of medical oxygen as well as defibrillation. This is the most difficult and useful course and requires one training session per week for 6-8 weeks to complete.

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    Spinal Management

    this course improves your knowledge of treatment of spinal injuries and the use of spinal collars. This course takes one session to complete.

I’ve done these…Now what?

There are many other courses available once you have done these that improve various skills, such as training and assessment, beach management and the highest award for a patrolling surf lifesaver, the Gold Medallion.

How do I get involved in the course?

If you would like to do any further training please email the chief instructor and we will be more than happy to help.

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