Gear & Equipment

Equipment and Gear

Members should click here to view the North Steyne SLSC’s policy on gear and equipment use, and report damage to North Steyne SLSC gear.

The gear and equipment used by surf lifesavers is an essential component of the rescue service provided to the community. We can never know when or what will go wrong on the beach—being prepared with the right equipment is vital for patrols to be ready to respond to any emergency situation.

Each season, North Steyne SLSC needs to spend over $60 000 to maintain its rescue and emergency care gear to an acceptable operational level, which is mandated by SLSA. All of this money is raised through the fundraising efforts of North Steyne SLSC—it comes down to the generous donations provided by our local community and club sponsors.


Rescue Equipment

Each time that members conduct patrols on the beach, they make use of:

  • Rescue boards (4)
  • Rescue tubes (10)
  • Spinal Boards (2)
  • Resuscitation equipment (2)
  • First Aid kit (1)
  • Water-resistant radios (8)
  • Rescue Boats (1)
  • Rescue Bodyboard (1)
  • Swim Fins (2 pairs)

Emergency Care Equipment

Surf lifesavers also provide valuable first aid and emergency care services. Each patrol must be equipped as a minimum with:

First Aid Kit
Oxy-Viva (Oxygen Resuscitation Kit)
Quick Response Pack, containing:
– Automated External Defibrillator
– Oxy-Viva
– Trauma Kit
Spinal board, cervical collars and spinal straps

In addition, patrols are required to have a range of other minor operational equipment, including binoculars, signal flags, loud hailers, and whistles.

If you are interested in donating to support North Steyne SLSC’s patrols, please click here.