Life Saving Report

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Dear Team North Steyne,

As you are now aware the season has been bought to an early close by the COVID-19 pandemic.  But don’t fear we will be back on the beach later this year for the next season! and I look forward to catching up with you all then.

I believe that it is a good time to look back on the season for some of its high points, entertainment and innovations that have come out of the season so far.  

Firstly, in terms of high points, I see the success of our Patrolling members turning up week in and week out as outstanding.  I would like to thank all those members who backed up, ensured Patrol Swaps, did extra patrols and made sure that we ran smoothly and professionally.

We have participated in numerous rescues this season, with a few being after hours, all our members performed with the utmost professionalism, again I say thank you.  We have also had various members assist under the Emergency Services requirements during the Bushfire Crisis and also during the flooding that followed, again all members performed with the dedication and determination inherent in our Club DNA, so thank you all. 

Additionally, I love seeing the growth and development of the North Steyne boat teams including the introduction of the Junior boat crew which has really been great for our younger members to encourage participation and learn the dark arts of boat rowing! Hopefully, not all the dark arts……

Riverview Students achieving their Life Saving Bronze Award

In terms ofย Innovation, I feel that we managed some unique situations at the club such as the integration of the Riverview Patrols into the roster. Ensuring the inclusion of these boys (mainly Boarders from the country) and to give them an opportunity to do their bronze and patrol and become part of our community.ย  Hopefully, next season we will iron out a few wrinkles and look at the model for other schools to help build the member base and share the knowledge.

Also the introduction of the free drink vouchers to our patrol members and this year the start of the Sunday Change over โ€˜Jack Sutherland lunchโ€™ have been a great success.

Lastly, the Entertainment, where to start…. I guess the one that enters my mind is seeing one of our IRB teams in a Manly boat have a “Hard Landing” on the beach popping the hull…. not that funny at the time, but hilarious in hindsight!!  

Also one of the strangest rescues I have ever seen at the boat carnival, in large shore dumping waves, one of the judging towers with, letโ€™s say a seasoned judge on top, started to tip with the judge on top, the judge then decided to jump directly into the path that the platform was falling….luckily a few of our members raced down to ensure that the platform didnโ€™t tip onto the Judge, who could be seen calmly and casually floating in the danger zone obvious to the potential danger with a smile on his face….well done Team!

Lastly on the Entertainment front, again not funny at the time but….Thanks to all those that have participated in the annual hide the parking permits…..ready or not here I come…..the good news is that they have now all turned up…. 

Personally, I would like to say thank you to everyone for your commitment over the last season. My role as Club Captain cannot be done without the support of all the members of the club from the new SRC’s, Bronzes, ARTC’s, First Aid providers, Trainers, the Board, the parents, and the understanding partners.  I feel blessed and am thankful to have such a fantastic membership group at North Steyne, that is a real hallmark of our club everyone is part of the club and everyone belongs the team and community and we back each other and never give up.  Well done to you all, I am so pleased to have been part of this as Club Captain.

Keep moving and please reach out with any concerns, ideas or just to say hello! 
Dan Hillier
Club Captain