Lifesavers to the Rescue!

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This week the northern beaches of Sydney have experienced the worst flooding event in years and SLSSNB stepped up to the State Emergency Service Call to help locals who needed assistance. Our Surf Club was utilised by SLSSNB to be a central hub for the coordination of volunteers and to be a safe, dry space for stranded locals if required.

Pictured above: John and Lisa Furnell (and their puppy dog) were most grateful to be rescued by two North Steyne Clubbies, Mike and Nick, when their home was affected by the flooding at Nolan’s Reserve. As it turns out, John himself is a past member of our Club and knows first hand what is it to be a volunteer Lifesaver.

John shared a news story of a rescue he himself was involved in on North Steyne Beach…

“…found this newspaper story from the late 1970’s. Couldn’t have done it without what I learn’t at North Steyne Surf Club. Thanks to Chris Fry for encouraging me to join”

John Furnell

Pictured above is Tracey Hare-Boyd, SLS Sydney Northern Beaches President with emergency call-out volunteers from across the peninsula on Tuesday evening. Thank you for the continuous efforts of all volunteers during this enormous weather event.

If you would like to become involved in Surf Life Saving at North Steyne, please click here.