Nipper Carnivals


Carnivals are a fun way for Nippers to show their skills and abilities in a competitive environment, make new friends and support the North Steyne Team.  Carnivals are for competitors U8-U14s, and depending on the age group, there are a range of beach and water events. Throughout the season there are 4 Northern Beaches junior beach and water carnivals held, plus a few specialist events which are conducted by a host club. The Nippers’ competition culminates at the NSW Junior State Championships in late February or early March.

Nipper Carnival Dates 2019-20


TBC September 2019

Club Championships

Club Champs are run over 3 Sundays (weather dependent) during the season with points awarded for efforts and placings. Club Champs are a great way to test skills and compete in team activities in a competitive and fun environment.

Water Proficiency Swims

Nippers who want to compete in Carnivals must undertake an ocean proficiency swim to make sure they have the skills to be able to compete. Children must be able to complete the following:
Age Group Open Water Swim
U8 N/A
U9 150m
U10 150m
U11 288m
U12 288m
U13 288m
U14 288m


Helpful Information

  • Carnivals commence at approximately 7:00am for registration, and usually conclude by 1:00 or 2:00pm. Events will determine what time you should register, and the finishing time can vary depending on your child’s age group and what he/she is competing in.
  • Nippers must make their own way to and from the Carnivals. It is also the responsibility of parents to make sure the kids have any equipment they need to compete. This includes boards which can be picked up at the Club either the day before the Carnival or the in the morning of the Carnival. Boards must be returned to the Club after the Carnival.
  • Training with professional coaches is provided during the week for conditioning and skills enhancement purposes. Kids that want to compete are strongly encouraged to attend this training.
  • Age Managers supervise the competitors throughout the day. However, parents are strongly encouraged to remain at the Carnival to ensure that your child has everything that he/she needs, and of course, to cheer them on.
  • Please bring your own food and drink to the Carnivals. A North Steyne tent will be set-up to keep competitors out of the sun and a place where personal items can be kept.
  • Except for State, registrations are for the Carnival itself and children can compete in whatever event they want. Age Managers will coordinate this participation, including organising relays for the event.
  • Carnival entry fees apply and need to be paid in advance. Refunds can’t be given, unless we are informed more than a week in advance of their non-participation.
  • Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in Carnivals. Your child does not have to be the fastest runner or best swimmer. He or she just needs to be willing to do their best and “have a go.”

Carnivals are enjoyed by children and parents alike. It is an opportunity for kids to be challenged, make new friends, meet others from different clubs, have fun, and support the North Steyne Team. It is always more fun when a number of kids compete together as there are team events and they can support and encourage each other during individual races.

We also need parents to act as officials as we must supply a certain ratio of officials to competitors at each carnival. It’s a great way to watch your child compete and the club will covered the cost of your course and materials. The majority of the course can be completed in one evening and there is no prior knowledge required.
For further information about Carnivals and our Officials courses, please e-mail