Nipper Training


Additional training is offered for Nippers on the beach (U8+) and in the water (U9+). North Steyne has some great coaches who work with kids on conditioning, skills and competition tactics.

Please download the app to ensure you have the latest training schedules and updates including time/venue changes and cancellations if the weather/conditions are unfavourable. Training dates and time can also be found on the homepage calendar.

Training for 2017/2018

Board and Surf Skills

U9+ for kids wishing to improve their board and surf skills.

Sprint Training

U8-U14 includes beach sprints and flags. Training times TBC.

March Past:

U9-U14 Sundays, TBC.

We need Nippers for our March Past team.  This event is simply marching in time to music with a belt, reel and flag. It opens each Carnival and is one of Surf Life Saving’s original events. It is also fun and a good way for kids from all age groups to get to know each other and participate in a team event. The North Steyne Nippers March Past team have been bronze medalists at the past 4 Branch carnivals. Help us get some silver or gold this season!


We are very fortunate to have some great coaches at North Steyne Nippers!

In the water


On the Beach

Clayton Kearney is the sprint coach for North Steyne and has been with us for about 13 years.
We are very lucky to have him as Clayton is a former Australian sprinter, professional fitness coach, and is currently the Canterbury Bulldogs sprint and conditioning coach, having formerly worked for the Sea Eagles.
During his career Clayton won the world beach sprint title among other Australian titles. In 1986 he won the 200m National Track Championship and in that same year competed on the Grand Prix International circuit. After coming back from major injury, Kearney recorded a 100 metre time of 9.9sec hand timed and 10.16sec electronic, and in 1990 set a new professional world record of 11.82sec over 120 metres.
Clayton is assisted by Paul Collins, also known as the Body Coach, who helps on Sundays and stands in for Clayton when he is unavailable.