Review of Club Communications

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Dear Members, 

As a club, reaching all members in a way that is appropriate to them is important. Newer technologies have allowed greater flexibility and convenience but, in some instances, this has led to communications missing some members or confusion over messages coming from multiple channels.

With this in mind, we are launching a review of club communications to review the existing communication channels, enhance club member experience, ensure communications are reaching all members and foster better engagement within the club.

You can help us by completing the survey below. It aims to understand the effectiveness and club member experience of our current communication channels (Teams App, WhatsApp groups, social media, email, newsletters, website, other) to identify areas of improvement. We encourage all members to participate.

Based on insights from the survey, we will prepare recommendations which may include introducing new platforms, phasing out underutilized ones and/or enhancing existing channels.

Please click here for survey