Surf Boats “Boaties” Update

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Male Crew Update – Ned’s (Open Male) and Outlaws (U23 Male)

And just like that as the clock hits midnight for the new year and the bars begin to open with beers flowing again, the boat boys resurface ready for racing and the battle ahead. January kicked off with the Open men racing in Ocean Thunder (OT) round 1 at Dee Why. With half of the crew rolling straight out of a Corona isolation period, the fellas were keen to blast all the noodle soup and panadol out of their system and return to business as usual with Corona back to where it belongs; in a bottle. In what was some wild swells the Ned Whisky Express smashed through the 6 points rounds placing in all, but one race, cruising through to the quarters.

In what was a dash for cash on the run up the beach with all boats, the boys unfortunately touched in 4th ending the day. With much to build on and getting knocked out only by finger tips the guys returned to the training ready to come back for OT2 on the 5th of Feb.  

Open Men’s: The Ned’s gearing up for a race at the North Steyne ‘Australia Day’ Carnival
The U23 Men, The Outlaws, clockwise from left: Nick, Pieter, Zach, Oscar and Sweep Dave

With Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai getting a bit excited and deciding to blow its load in the Pacific, Tsunami swell was thrust upon the East coast. The U23 men braved the ocean at Queenscliff carnival (15 Jan) in sizeable surf best described as a dog’s breakfast. The Outlaws had an excellent morning placing 2nd, 3rd, 2nd in the points rounds, even losing their sweep halfway home, with stroke seat Nick jumping up behind the sweeps stick to bring them in for 2nd. With the swell rising and Poseidon himself throwing every curveball in the book, the carnival referees cancelled the remaining points round and semi-finals taking just top 6 to a straight final. The guys were very unlucky to miss out on the final opportunity on count back points.  Racing for the rest of the fleet was unfortunately cancelled due to the marine warnings. 

North Steyne ‘Australia Day’ Carnival

With the home turf advantage, both the Outlaws and Neds lined up for the North Steyne carnival on 22 Jan. Fuelled by a Bombora sandwich off the club BBQ the U23s took to the water for the morning block. With Dave cracking the whip up the back they had a very strong morning easily qualifying for finals and not risking another count back. With the swell building the guys were in 2nd on the way home but in a multi boat slew the guys lost it on the wave finishing off 5th in the final.

With the swell building and hard act to follow the Neds took to the beach for their first race since OT at the start of the month. Opening the day in fine form with an easy 2nd it seemed to be smooth sailing for the opens, until round 2 where they went under a big one and turned the boat in to a submarine. In desperate need for points in round three the guys rallied for a blistering 3rd and managed to qualify for the finals. In a final that involved big swell, upside down boats and gear hurtling into orbit the opens put on a grand show of surf skill and power. The guys rowed from behind back into medal contention but just getting pipped on the line to finish with a 4th for the day.  

With a solid month behind the 2 crews and big improvement across the board, both crews returned to the Club bar to refresh and reflect behind a few frothies and tins of Neds.

Womens Crew Update – Nedettes (Open Women), Penguins (Reserve women), Shenanigans (U23 Women)

The Shenanigan’s and The Outlaw’s revved up at the ‘Australia Day’ Carnival with Sweep Dave

The North Steyne Shenanigans – U23 women taking to the water for their first carnival at Young Guns, what an amazing effort by the girls. The early morning training making. 

Unfortunately, none of the woman were able to compete at Queenscliff as the Sunday racing schedule was cancelled due to the Tsunami swell that hit. Everyone was very disappointed but made them more eager to do well at the Australia Day North Steyne carnival.

With the swell still quite decent all woman’s crews were pumped to be back at home for the next carnival. The Shenanigans were up against not only some strong crews but some big waves, but they were able punch through and make it out and back. 

The Open Women’s (The Nedette’s) in action with Sweep Col Stanford

It’s the year of the Tiger and our Iris is already making a splash. The Open women’s had a few hurdles with being run off course by another crew and also some starting with absolutely no water underneath the boat by were able to save the best till last with Col holding a beautiful comeback wave and bringing a silver medal with them. U23 woman and master’s woman also doing exceptionally well, their confidence and hard work all on display, a great effort all round. 

Next up we have Branch carnival on 12th February, so plenty of early mornings and afternoon training sessions will be had before then.

New recruits 

My name is Laura Ioviero (pictured below) and I am so excited to be joining the Nedettes! My love for surf boats started at Maroochydore surf club in the Reserve women’s Crew, Maroochydore Boatrolls. As the name suggests I had a rough start to learning to row, but am now onto my 5th season and absolutely love it! In addition to the Boatrolls, I have rowed in the U/23 division with the Noosa Scrub Turkeys, winning silver at States, ASRL and making a few semis at Aussies. I’m so excited to join Col and his crew of Ally, Soph, and Antea and keen to see where the rest of the season takes us!

All Smiles – The Nedette’s: Sophie at the back, Antea, Ally and Laura in front

The North Steyne Penguins, swept by David Maguire, formed in October 2021 to row Masters and Reserve Women’s races.  Together the crew brings an impressive combined 52 years racing experience to the club.  Kate Munro at stroke has been a North Steyne member for 20 years and has previously rowed at Avalon.  Steph Stoddard in second stroke and Melinda Akehurst in second bow, joined North Steyne joined from Avalon and both officiate as well as row. Bastien Wallace in bow, has transferred from Maroubra.

The North Steyne Penquins showing how it’s done! Well Done Ladies.

We are looking forward to race at State Champs and Aussies and a big thank you to Ned’s Australian Whiskey for their amazing, continued support for us all.