Warnambool Returns to North Steyne

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Once again a group of young people from the Warnambool SLSC stayed at the Club over the Australia Day long week-end.

This is the 3rd year they have visited us, however, one of the parents (about mid-40’s) who was new this year said he came with Warnambool and stayed at NSSLSC for about 11 consecutive years starting when he was about 15 years old. So, it appears this visit is part of a long tradition.

Warnambool makes the 8+ hour trek to our Club from Victoria to participate in the various carnivals happening on the Northern Beaches over the week-end. Besides competing, they helped us with our Nippers on Sunday morning by providing water safety, helping with training and just generally making it more fun.

Warnambool also generously presented us with Nipper’s board for which we are very thankful.

We always enjoy having Warnambool at our Club as they are a terrific group of young people, parents, coaches and supervisors. It is great to have the opportunity to develop a relationship with another surf lifesaving club and we look forward to their visit again next year.