What we do

It is difficult to sum up all the great things about Surf Life Saving at our Club. North Steyne SLSC could be characterised in terms of excitement, opportunity, camaraderie, health and fitness, service, education, community and fun.


A premier and iconic location at an affordable cost. It is all these things and more. Ultimately, we are about ensuring the safety of visitors to our beach as well as the safety of our members, our children, and our local community. We accomplish this by placing the utmost focus and majority of our resources on patrols, on member training and on compliance. We are committed to ensuring safety in the water and on the beach during patrol hours in rain, hail, or shine. Whatever it takes.

What you will see every weekend

At North Steyne each weekend over the beach season, you will see volunteer surf lifesavers on patrol, new members training to become surf lifesavers, and existing members training to hone their skills in rescue and in competition. You’ll see social gatherings, surfing and swimming competitions, and BBQs and drinks. You’ll see senior members going out of their way to do anything from educating the public to fixing gear, all for the love of it. You’ll see a membership that is proud to call North Steyne their home and proud to call each other their family. You’ll see 500 Nippers on the beach just going ballistic and having the time of their lives doing it.


Perhaps the greatest thing about North Steyne SLSC is its inclusiveness. You might find that any one of our activities suit you, or any combination of them, or even all of them. Go for it! As long as you’re prepared to get involved, we’ll support you in trying anything we have to offer. You might even find that none of these activities suit you, and you want to start your own. We’ll support you in everything you have to offer.
The beach lifestyle and surf lifesavers are an integral part of the Australian heritage and tradition. Surf Life Saving is a challenge to all Australians, to put aside differences and excuses, and to get involved and help out. Surf clubs are open to members from all walks of life—all ages, and all backgrounds. As a club and as a community, we’re Australian for life.


North Steyne SLSC, as one of the oldest surf clubs in Australia has a long and proud history in Surf Life Saving and Australian beach culture. If you enjoy and share that culture and want to make a contribution, North Steyne SLSC would welcome you as a member.

Become a Member

To sign-up, you must follow three simple steps:

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    Complete a membership form. You can either:

    • Sign up online. Visit www.lifesavingonline.com.au to register electronically. This registration requires the use of a valid email address.
    • Download the Surf Life Saving Australia membership form, print it out, fill it in, and then return it to North Steyne SLSC. You can return it via scanning & emailing, fax, mail, or by dropping it in personally on Sunday mornings at North Steyne SLSC.
  • 02

    Pay the appropriate membership fee. For a schedule of current membership fees by category and an explanation of payment methods, click here. If you have signed-up online, you can also choose to pay membership fees online via Westpac’s secure gateway in the SLSA on-line payment gateway. Search for North Steyne SLSC to make the appropriate payment.

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    Complete a Child Protection Form and return it to North Steyne SLSC with your ID and have the declaration sighted by a club official.

Questions about joining

If you have any questions about joining North Steyne SLSC, please contact us by email at admin@northsteyneslsc.com.au If you are specifically interested in becoming a surf lifesaver and patrolling member, please contact the Education Team for course details at education@northsteyneslsc.com.au.

Beach Safety

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    Helpful Tips

    • Put on sunscreen before you arrive at the beach and reapply often

    • Wear appropriate clothing for swimming and being out in the sun

    • Surf lifesavers are friendly and helpful. They are the ones in the yellow shirts and red shorts.

    • If you need assistance, look for a lifesaver on the beach or near the large red tent

    • Always check surf conditions before you go into the water

    • Check beach signs to see if it’s safe to swim

    • Always swim between the red and yellow flags

    • Swim with others if possible, its safe and more fun

    • If you’re going to swim alone, please tell a surf lifesaver to watch you

    • Wave your arm if you need help

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    Common signs of a rip include

    • Discoloured brown/sandy water

    • White water on the surface extending beyond the break

    • Waves breaking further out to sea on both sides of a rip

    • Debris floating seawards

    • A rippled appearance where the surrounding water is generally calm

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    If you are caught in a rip (fast moving water heading out to sea)

    • Signal for help from surf lifesavers and lifeguards

    • Relax and let the current take you where it will.

    • Then be patient as you make your way back using the waves to push you toward the beach.


North Steyne SLSC is close to the Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic reserve as well as the Manly Lagoon. We have oft been described as ‘the heart of Manly beach’ when it comes to passion and compassion as we are dedicated to uphold our mission statement ‘to provide a safe and healthy aquatic environment’ beyond the traditional confines of Surf Life Saving. We consider ourselves caretakers of the stunning and fragile coastal area of North Steyne itself and not just those who frequent it.

We have been recognised for our environmental contributions in several important ways:

  • North Steyne SLSC was named the National Surf Life Saving Club of the Year in 2008; one of the six key policies in winning this award was its environmental initiatives. The award is judged by SLSA and Australian Government officers.
  • Cleanest Beach in Australia, 2009
  • NSW Coastal Ambassadors’ Awards, 2008 & 2009
  • NSW Young Legends Award—Club member Ellis Cooper-Frater, 2009

Some of North Steyne SLSC’s most important environmental programs include:

  • Rain tanks sunk beneath the sand to supply water hoses to wash down gear around the Club
  • Solar panels
  • Spring-loaded taps and showers
  • Specially designed water-conserving hoses

Many of these were funded jointly by North Steyne SLSC and various grants generously provided by Manly Council and the NSW Government. At the time they were implemented, each program represented a first or near-first for a Surf Life Saving Club.