Minimum Age requirement: 13years

All U14 Nippers are automatically placed into the SRC program. Prerequisites of the SRC program require that each candidate be:

  • Registered with North Steyne SLSC and be financial for the current season
  • Complete a Course Enrolment Form (signed by parents)
  • Have passed their SRC water proficiency
  • Attend weekly Sunday morning nipper sessions commencing at 9.30 AM
  • Attend additional training sessions as announced by the SRC training officers
  • Water Proficiency -SRC candidates must be deemed proficient before they will be allowed to participate in water-based training activities.
  • The SRC proficiency criteria are:
    200 metres swim (freestyle) – under 5 minutes
    and a 3 minute survival float

All active members who have completed their SRC will be allocated to a Patrol, (friendships groups will always be accommodated as best fit)

Minimum Age requirement: 15years

The Bronze Medallion takes around 8-10 weeks generally requiring two training sessions per week:
1. Dry Session -One weeknight in the Clubroom
2. Wet Session - One weekend afternoon on the beach and in the water

The first requirement is a proficiency swim, of 400m in a pool in 9 minutes. This must be completed before training starts and will be organised by your trainer.

Bronze Medallion training requires substantial effort and time allowance on the part of those taking the course. Whilst there is some flexibility to accommodate an individual’s other activities such as sport, study, work, as well as overseas and domestic travel, regular attendance is expected. Failure to attend regularly often extends the time taken for training Bronze Medallion groups which is unfair on others taking the course and trainers.

All active members who have completed a Bronze Medallion are then assigned to a patrol (friendships will always be accommodated).


Minimum Age requirement: 13 years

Apply first aid
 - this is a work cover accredited course that covers a much wider range of first aid scenarios than the Bronze Medallion. This course generally takes 2 evenings to complete.

Advanced Resuscitation
 - this course involves the use of medical oxygen as well as defibrillation. This is the most difficult and useful course and requires one training session per week for 6-8 weeks to complete.

Spinal Management
 - this course improves your knowledge of treatment of spinal injuries and the use of spinal collars. This course takes one session to complete.

Minimum Age requirement: 15years for Crew and 17 years for Drivers

IRB (Inflatable Rescue Boat)

IRB Crew
Pre-requisites: proficient Bronze Medallion

This qualification involves learning how to crew the Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) used on patrols. Learning outcomes include IRB set-up, wave negotiation, surveillance, water safety operations, and pack-up.

Courses are run twice per season.

IRB Driver
Pre-requisites: IRB Crew Certificate with minimum 10 logged hours; 17 years of age on date of final assessment.