Skill Sharing Program


Ensuring our members have the confidence in their abilities in the surf and on the beach is essential to maintaining our beach safety standard. The skill sharing programme aims to recognise those who have excellent lifesaving skills and promote the constant development of our patrolling communities skill set.

Selection of skill sharers

Patrol members may show interest in becoming a skill sharer through one of three main avenues:

  1. The patrol member gives notice to the Club Captain that they are interested in sharing their talent
  2. The patrol member is nominated by their Patrol Captain
  3. Direct selection by the Club Captain and Club Vice-Captain
Rostering & Training focus

Skill Sharers will be allocated onto every patrols second shift. This will ensure every unit at NS has the chance to improve their abilities 4-5 times throughout the year. The rostered skill sharer will arrive at the beach at 12 and spend 45 minutes to an hour with the morning and afternoon patrol.

Every patrol has different skill sets, so the Skill Sharers first interaction with the patrol will be to ask what the member would like to focus on for the session. Possible areas of interest may include, but are not limited to:

  • Board paddling technique/ surf negotiation
  • First Aid knowledge
  • R/S/R fitness
  • Spinal techniques
  • Radio operations
  • General Beach Management/ patrol procedure