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  • Refilling an oxygen cylinder at the cost of $30– vital for resuscitation treatment.

  • $50 wil buy a Patrol Pack– an essential piece of first aid equipment , the patrol pack allows surf lifesavers to carry some of the most commonly used lifesaving items with them on patrol. It saves precious time be allowing lifesavers to immediately retrieve items such as resuscitation masks, whistles and gloves.

  • The distinctive red and yellow uniform of the surf lifesaver costs $60 and serves two purposes: sun safety protection for our surf lifesavers and allows quick identification in the event of an incident.
  • $120 will buy a rescue tube– an effective deep water floatation device.

  • $350 provides basic training for a new lifesaver. Every patrolling volunteer surf lifesaver must have their Bronze Medallion. This involves over 40 hours of assessment in many areas including CPR, rescue techniques, First Aid and fitness testing and must be updated each year.The benefits are enormous. Safer beaches and safer communities.

  • $500 provides a spinal board– essential for spinal injury cases and moving patients who are unable to walk.


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