Welcome to North Steyne Nippers

At North Steyne we believe in ensuring that kids feel encouraged and welcome to participate, and that they are truly part of the North Steyne team. We promote a fun and safe environment on the beach which is not only enjoyable for the Nipper, but the entire family as well. We welcome all kids ages 5-13 to our Nipper’s program. We’re excited to have your child join us for an adventurous journey at the beach. Here’s a handy guide to get you started:

When and Where? 
The nipper season starts on Sunday, 16 October the first Sunday after the October public school holidays and continues through to March. Nippers run on Sunday mornings from 9 am to 11 am. Our meeting point is the sand in front of North Steyne Surf Club. For specific dates, check our calendar.

How it Works 
At North Steyne Nippers, children participate in various activities on the beach and in the water. Our dedicated age group managers and assistants oversee these activities, while accredited volunteer water safety personnel supervise the water-based activities. We encourage everyone to participate, whether as a nipper, water safety helper, or supportive parent. Our goal is to build your child’s skills, confidence, and enjoyment of the beach through both competitive and confidence-building activities. To know more about expectations and conduct, refer to our Code of Conduct.

We have a uniform that must be worn during Sunday nippers and all external carnival events.
For swimwear, it’s encouraged to wear North Steyne swimwear but not compulsory.
Nippers must wear the appropriate Hi-Vis Rash Vest or Singlet along with the assigned skull cap color based on their age group. You can conveniently order your uniform online and pick it up from the clubhouse. 


Registrations usually open in August for the upcoming season. Visit our registration page to get started. As the number of spots is limited for each age group, we recommend registering early to secure your child’s place.


For a full fee schedule please click here.

Age Group Placement
Children are grouped based on their age as of the 30th of September, as shown in the table provided. There’s a minimum age requirement of five years to join North Steyne Nippers. 

Nipper Age as at 30th SeptAge group 

If your child wishes to participate in a different age group than their own for Sunday nippers, kindly send a request via email to the nippers team.

Stay Informed
All nipper events, including Sunday nippers and season commencing proficiency swims, are communicated through our North Steyne Stacks TeamApp profile. It is essential that every parent/carer creates their personal profile to stay updated. Instructions on how to join can be found here.

Participation in Water Events
U6 and U7 nippers don’t require any assessment, but U8-U14 nippers must complete a proficiency swim before participating in water activities on Sundays. Refer to the Proficiency Swim page for details.

Inter Club Carnival Events
We encourage all children to strive for representation at inter club carnival events. Children interested in competing in water or sand events must have completed the appropriate Competition Pool & Ocean Swim. Refer to the Proficiency Swim page for details.

Parental Involvement 
The success of North Steyne Nippers depends on parent and carer volunteers. We ask that you volunteer for a minimum of two duties per child per season, which includes setting up the beach, packing up, and age group BBQ duty. Additionally, we require a parent to be present on the beach during the nippers’ session.
We have streamlined the volunteer sign-up process with a user-friendly form containing various options. To indicate your availability and make your selections, please click here.

First Day Instructions
On the first day and every Sunday, children should meet their age manager at their respective age group flags on the beach. Age managers will be wearing white North Steyne Nipper shirts for easy identification. Your child’s name will be marked off before the session begins. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to ask anyone in a Nipper shirt.

Inclement Weather
Check our Stacks TeamApp event page for updates on wet weather cancellations. Nippers are rarely cancelled, and a decision is typically made by 7 am on Sunday.

Contact Us
If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to contact the North Steyne Nippers team at [email protected].

We can’t wait to share the joy of exploration and learning with your child. See you at North Steyne Nippers!