Become a Surf Lifesaver

Australian for Life

Surf lifesavers are trained volunteers that patrol our beaches on weekends during the summer. We undertake a number of roles including aquatic rescue, first aid and emergency care, and beach surveillance and education. Becoming a surf lifesaver is rewarding, challenging, and great fun! You can become trained in aquatic safety, maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, make new mates, and contribute to your local community. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to save someone’s life. There is probably no more important thing that you can learn and gift that you can give. The beach lifestyle and surf lifesavers are an integral part of the Australian heritage and tradition. Surf Life Saving is a challenge to all Australians, to put aside differences and excuses, and to get involved and help out. Surf Clubs are open to members from all walks of life—all ages, and all backgrounds. As a Club and as a community, we’re Australian for life.

What’s involved?

  • If you want to join one of our amazing patrols, you can complete your First Aid award, Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC), or Bronze Medallion.
  • You must be at least 14 to complete your First Aid Certificate, 13 to complete your SRC, and 15 to complete your Bronze.
  • Once you’ve successfully completed your course, you will be wearing the red and yellow, and can proudly call yourself a surf lifesaver.
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Lifesaving Panel 2023/24

Club Captain
■  David Guthrie

Club Vice Captains
■  Annabel Filmer
■  Lexie Landrak

IRB Captain
■  Mark Stewart

Lifesaving Panel (General)
■  Emma Winter
■  Emilie Morris
■  Kyra Jenkins
■  Luke Gordon
■  Jon Holman

Patrol Procedure 2022/23

Covid Questions If you have any questions, or want to know more about the Covid situation, refer to the SLSNSW Covid-19 recourse page.

Season dates:  23 September 2023- 28 April 2024

First Patrol of season will be Patrol Captains (PC) Saturday 23 September 2023
Last Patrol of the season will be Directors Patrol 28 April 2024

Special Occasion Patrols can be organised through the Club Captain.

Patrolling Patrols will comprise of the following members:

  • Only members who wish to patrol, no one should feel any obligation to patrol
  • All patrols will need a minimum of the following awards:
    • IRBD
    • IRBC
    • Beach Management
    • ART

Members can hold multiple awards as long as minimum numbers are met. These are as follows:

Patrol Times: 2023/2024


Saturdays, Sundays + Public Holidays

Minimum Bronze Holders

23/9/2023 to 26/11/2023

9am to 5pm


27/11/2023 to 01/4/2024

9am to 6pm


2/4/2024 to 28/4/2024

9am to 5pm


In the month of March only, the patrol may sign off at 5pm after consultation with the Branch Duty Officer and the Council Lifeguard.

Special Conditions*
*Increased number of Bronze holders required during peak period of Summer school holidays

North Steyne SLSC Patrol Operations Manual 2023.
Lifesaving Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) 2019-20.
Lifesaving Agreement 2020-2023.

Developed by the Lifesaving Panel 2023