There are various events to train for and represent North Steyne at carnivals such as First Aid, Patrol Competition, Beach events, Boards and Champion Lifesaver. Not to mention Surf Boats and IRB racing.

Age Groups

Cadets and Seniors:: U16, U17, U19 and Opens, Male and Female

Masters: 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-60, 60+, Male and Female

Boats: U19, U23, Reserves, Opens, Masters

Training is available for all members wishing to compete; information on these sessions will be posted on the website throughout the season.

There are specialised carnivals for surf boats & skis in the first few months of the surf season.

To be eligible to compete, you must be an active, financial member of NSSLSC; hold a current Bronze Medallion and be proficient. You must also complete a minimum of 25 hours patrolling time across the season.

The cost of carnival entry will be communicated during the season.

For any further information contact our  Competition Director.

Club Championships

Club Championships are traditionally held on the last patrolling Sunday of the season. All members of North Steyne are invited to enter the carnival and festivities of the day.

Events such as board races, swim races, ski races, beach flags and sprints are held on the day.

A great day had by all with trophies and medals to be won.

Go The Mighty Black & Gold!!!