Surf Boats

Surf Boats

Surf Boats Rowing is one of the most fun and exciting activities available to Club members. Rowing is a fantastic way to improve your health and fitness while being part of an enthusiastic, supportive team atmosphere. North Steyne usually fields 3-4 rowing crews per season in a variety of age groups—from Cadets all the way through to Masters.

There are a variety of boat carnivals held throughout the season, both locally within Sydney Northern Beaches, and up and down the East Coast, not to mention Branch, State, and National Championships!

Surf Boat Rowing requires a reasonable level of skill and a great amount of determination. If you are interested in getting involved, you need to undertake some basic training with a crew, starting with flat-water rowing and then progressing gradually through more challenging surf conditions.

All members must be 16 years of age before they are allowed in a Surf Boat, and may only do so when accompanied by an Accredited Sweep. On the Northern beaches boats have 3 pre Open season carnivals, an U23 only carnival & every two years the prestigious George Bass Marathon.