Fees & Membership

North Steyne SLSC gains its funding from membership fees, general activities (e.g. BBQ), fund raising, Council and other grants, sponsorship and donations. Funds raised are applied to support our lifesaving, training, competition and administration expenses. In addition, North Steyne SLSC provides a number of facilities for its members for which a charge to cover its investment and operating costs is levied. These facilities include a gymnasium and storage lockers.

The following is the Fee Schedule for North Steyne SLSC members in the 2019-20 season. The Fee Schedule is accompanied by a simple Membership Category Explanation PDF that describes the criteria for each membership category on the Fee Schedule, and should help each member determine which category fee they should pay. If in doubt, please contact our Administration Manager here. All fees should be paid by 31 October each season.

New Members

Welcome to North Steyne SLSC! Joining a Surf Life Saving Club in any capacity is a fantastic decision. Please start off by visiting our Become a Member page, or browse the site to get a feel for all the things on offer at North Steyne SLSC. Then, go to join.sls.com.au and select Entity: Surf Life Saving Club and then North Steyne SLSC to get started!

Renewing Members

The best way to renew and pay membership fees is online. North Steyne SLSC uses the SLSA Member Portal, which takes payments through Westpac’s secure payment system. To renew your membership:

  • Go to portal.sls.com.au and login (or create an account if this is your first time at the portal);
  • Click on Lifesaving Online at the top bar of options, and then find North Steyne under the ‘Surf Clubs’ header and click “Renew” on the right-hand side;
  • Update your personal details, read and agree to the T&Cs, then click submit at the bottom;
  • Click on the option to Make A Payment. Use the price list available to enter amounts and pay membership fees, plus any additional access you may want (locker, gym fee, competition, etc). Confirm your payment details and submit.

If you have any difficulty renewing and paying online, please contact the Club Secretary or the Administration Manager here.