North Steyne SLSC Future Fund

Strong and growing beyond 110 years of service and commitment.

With close to 1,000 members, North Steyne SLSC provides a strong presence to ensure the safety of our community and visitors to our local beach. We have a high safety record due to the commitment of our dedicated and trained surf lifesavers. To continue this great essential service for our future development, the North Steyne SLSC Future Fund was created on the 24 November 2006, with $40,000 from bequeaths. These generous bequeaths include the Dr A James Estate, C & D Dunn Estate, Maud Druitt Trophy and ‘Rastus’ Evans Memorial Fund.

The Objective

The initial objective is to reach $100,000 invested before any income is distributed for lifesaving purposes. It is to have a fund where members and non-members alike can feel safe in the knowledge that their donation will live in perpetuity, with only 75% of income from the fund being distributed each year and ensuring the capital will never be spent. The remaining 25% of income will then be reinvested to help grow the fund for the future.

The Purpose

To provide a future means of funding for the purchase of life saving equipment for education and training, competition equipment, and the promotion of surf lifesaving skills.

The Future Fund Committee

The committee is made up of a minimum of four members – one Club Treasurer (appointed as Chairman or Deputy Chairman), one Life Member, two Club Members with 5 years service and one Honorary Professional Advisor. Each SPF Committee Member must sign a Statement advising of any interests (pecuniary and non-pecuniary).

The Committee is collectively responsible for the investment decisions relating to this North Steyne SLSC Future Fund – Special Purpose Funds (SPF). It is responsible for the development of recommendations, investment strategy, records and reports directly to the Board of Directors.


The North Steyne SLSC Future Fund offers members, families, trusts and organisations the opportunity to have a significant, lasting impact on our vision for keeping North Steyne beach safe for all. Donations can be made to the club online or in person. The funds will be invested into this fund within 2 weeks of receipt by the club.
We have a dedicated team to work closely with interested donors giving $10,000 or more, to help them advance their philanthropic goals. We are happy to discuss funding options and ensure that major gifts are allocated according to our supporters’ wishes.