IRB Racing


IRB Racing

We are excited to offer to all North Steyne SLSC members an opportunity to improve their surf lifesaving skills, compete in a fun, exciting and healthy sporting environment, and most of all become part of a youthful, energetic, friendly and motivated team of competitors.

IRB Racing is an exhilarating sport which combines a driver, crewman and patients’ physical strengths, lifesaving skills, IRB driving and crewing abilities with fast-paced, action-packed, short-course events.

Through team work and training, IRB Racing will develop your:

  • Surf lifesaving expertise
  • IRB driving and Crewperson abilities
  • Overall fitness
  • Confidence in the surf environment
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork abilities

IRB Racing is open to both male and female members aged over 15, with a current IRB Crewperson’s certificate and a Bronze Medallion. Those who wish to compete as drivers need to be aged over 17, have a current Bronze Medallion and IRB Driver’s certificate.

There are several events in which driver and crew must negotiate the break; these include:

  • The Rescue
  • The Mass Rescue
  • The Teams Rescue
  • The Tube Rescue

There are 5 IRB Racing carnivals per season; this is inclusive of state titles, which is traditionally in the off season to the SLSA competition season. On top of this there is the option to compete at the “Aussies” for IRB Racing.

We look forward to seeing you all competing in IRB Racing this season for North Steyne SLSC and hope to see you all on the beach.