Pool Rescue

Pool Rescue

Pool Rescue Championships have been re-introduced into the annual carnival program and the event’s popularity is growing yearly.

Competitors test their rescue skills with events such as SERC (Simulated Emergency Response Competition), Line Throw, Manikin tows, Obstacle swims and Manikin, Obstacle and Medley Relays. The event has recently expanded to include under-11, under-12 and under-13 athletes, and it is hoped the event will encourage younger members into the sport and maintain their involvement in Surf Life Saving, whether in the pool or in the surf.

SERC – Simulated Emergency Response Competition

The SERC tests the initiative, judgement, knowledge and abilities of 4 lifesavers who, acting as a team apply Surf Life Saving skills in a simulated emergency situation unknown to them prior to the start. This competition is judged within a 2 minute time limit. All team respond to the identical situation and are evaluated by the same judge.

Line Throw

This is a timed event where the competitor throws an unweighted line to a team member in the water approximately 12m away and pulls them poolside.

100m Manikin Tow with Fins

The competitor swims 50 m freestyle with fins and rescue tube.
After touching the turning edge, the competitor fixes the rescue tube around a manikin floating at the surface at the edge and tows it back.

Obstacle Swim

The competitor swims 50m freestyle and has to dive under an obstacle placed in the pool at intervals and then turns around and returns to the starting block. This event is usually run over 100m.

Other Races include:
  • 100m manikin carry with fins
  • 100m combined rescue medley
  • 50m manikin carry
  • 100m manikin tow with fins

For further information please contact the Competition Director.