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North Steyne SLSC Patrol & Surf Life Saving Procedures and Policies

North Steyne SLSC maintains thorough documentation regarding patrol policies and procedures. These documents are intended as a guide to assist Patrol Captains, and are a point of reference for patrol members needing to confirm or refresh their understanding.

Proviso on Inconsistency:
SLSA, the national body that oversees Surf Life Saving in Australia, maintains a complete set of Surf Life Saving and other policies on their website. SLSA’s policies are considered a minimum standard to which all surf lifesavers must adhere. State, Branch, and Club organisations may impose additional standards; not withstanding that failure to comply with any additional standards required by State, Branch, or Club does not result in the relevant organisation failing to comply with the minimum requirements of surf lifesavers set by SLSA. In any instance where State, Branch, or Club policies conflict with SLSA’s and would result in failing to meet the SLSA standard, the SLSA policy takes precedence over the State, Branch, or Club policy.