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What a weekend of racing for our competitors at the Aussies Youth Championships at Maroochydore in QLD

With big surf and tough competition in each age group and 200 plus kids in each age the NS competitors did not disappoint!!  Just to make the Semi Finals was a tough gig. Most were tri-semis and cut throat with only 6 making it through. 
Two NS competitors made the Aussies finals, 2 others made the semis in the individual boards.  Felix Stephens finished 2nd in the U13 board final but a tough call by the officials disqualified him.  Felix hold your head high as we know you placed 2nd in Australia for U13 boys.  Kody Burrows placed 11th in the U14 boys final with a photo finish for 3rd to 12th.

Sienna & Charlie were a little unlucky and both deserved a spot in the 2nd round. Kody & Tomi made the semis of the Board rescue but drew a bad ally and missed the cut for the final.

On Sunday our teams had the black and gold cap in 2 Aussie Finals and one Semi Final.

The U13/14 Male Cameron team placed 8th in the Aussies Finals.  Awesome work by Harvey, Rory, Tomi and Kody!!   

The boys U14  Board relay team placed 9th in the Aussie final, a little luck on one wave and the boys would have been fighting it out for a medal. Tomi, Rory & Kody what a way to finish off your Nipper career!!  

Thanks to all the parents & siblings for supporting the kids throughout the season at all carnivals and training sessions.  What a cheer squad we had at Aussies!!   Special thanks to Tom Beddingfield who took a small group of kids to top 10 finishes in Aussie finals.  You pushed them, encouraged them and brought out their best at  Aussies, a big thankyou from all the Nipper parents!!  

Individual Youth Results: 

Harvey Collins

U13 Ironman- SEMI FINAL


Felix Stephens

U13 Boards – FINAL  – 2nd place DSQ

U13 Ironman – SEMI FINAL

Kody Burrows

U14 Boards – FINAL – 12th place

Tomi Crofton

U14 Boards – SEMI FINAL

Rory Pennie

U14 Boards – SEMI FINAL

Charlie Walker

U15 2km run– Final – 7th place


U13/U14 Board Relay – FINAL – 9th place – Kody Burrows. Tomi Crofton, Rory Pennie

U13/U14 Cameron – FINAL – 8th place – Kody Burrows. Harvey Collins, Tomi Crofton, Rory Pennie

U13/U14 Swim Team   – Semi Final – Kody Burrows., Tomi Crofton, Rory Pennie, Felix Stephens

U13/U14 Board Rescue – Semi Final – Kody Burrows, Tomi Crofton