Water Branch Championships @ Newport SLSC 18 February 2024

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Club Point Score – 3rd place tie with Newport SLSC

All Age Board Relay – 2nd (STATE QUALIFY) (Florence Morgan, Hugo Collins, Flori Pennie. Addie Burrows, Felix Stephens, Tomi Crofton) 


Board Race:

5th Grace Richards

7th Sam Herfort

9th Billy Bourke

11th Florence Morgan

Surf Race:

7th Sam Herfort

9th Florence Morgan

10th Grace Richards

U9 Girls Board Relay:

1st Mona Vale, Florence Morgan and Grace Richards


Board Race:

1st Hugo Collins

Surf Race:

2nd Hugo Collins

U10 Boys Board Relay   

4th – Billy Bourke, Hugo Collins, Sam Herfort


Board Race:

3rd Flori Pennie

10th Charlie Herfort

11th Matilda Kane

Surf Race:

4th Seren Morgan


5th Flori Pennie (STATE QUALIFY)

6th Seren Morgan (STATE QUALIFY)

12th Charlie Herfort

13th Joey Walker

Board Rescue:

3rd Flori Pennie & Seren Morgan (STATE QUALIFY)

Mixed Cameron:

5th  Seren Morgan, Flori Pennie, Charlie Herfort, Joey Walker

Board Relay:

2nd Girls- Matilda Kane, Seren Morgan, Flori Pennie

4th Boys- Charlie Herfort, Joey Walker, Hugo Collins                


Board Race:

9th Millie Crofton

11th Zoe Lancaster

12th Joel Colwell

14th Olivia Murphy

Surf Race:

10th Noah Sheather

13th Zoe Lancaster

15th Milli Crofton

Girls Surf Team:

3rd Addison Burrows, Millie Crofton, Zoe Lancaster, Olivia Murphy


4th Noah Sheather (STATE QUALIFY)

10th Tom Mcilvain  

7th Milli Crofton (STATE QUALIFY)

11th Addison Burrows

12th Zoe Lancaster

Board Rescue:

2nd Joel Colwell, Tom Mcilvain (STATE QUALIFY)

3rd Addison Burrows, Zoe Lancaster (STATE QUALIFY)

8th Milli Crofton, Olivia Murphy

Mixed Cameron

7th Joey Walker, Tom Mcilvan, Zoe Lancaster, Olivia Murphy

8th Addison Burrows, Noah Sheather, Milli Crofton, Charlie Herfort

Board Relay:

Girls – 2nd – Addison Burrows, Milli Crofton, Olivia Murphy

Boys – 3rd – Joel Colwell, Tom Mcilvain, Noah Sheather


Board Race:

1st Felix Stephens

6th Harvey Collins

Surf Race:

6th Felix Stephens


2nd Felix Stephens (STATE QUALIFY)

9th Harvey Collins

Boys Cameron

4th – Harvey Collins, Felix Stephens, Tom McIlvain, Joel Colwell

Boys Board Relay

1st – Harvey Collins, Joel Colwell, Felix Stephens


Board Race:

4th Kody Burrows

9th Tomi Crofton

12th Rory Pennie

12th Sienna Omondi

Surf Race:

10th Kody Burrows

13th Tomi Crofton

14th Rory Pennie


5th Kody Burrows (STATE QUALIFY)

9th Tomi Crofton

12th Sienna Omondi

13th Rory Pennie

Board Rescue:

5th Kody Burrows, Tomi Crofton

Boys Board Relay:

2nd Kody Burrows, Tomi Crofton Rory Pennie

Boys Cameron:

3rd Kody Burrows, Tomi Crofton, Tom Mcilvain, Rory Pennie