New North Steyne Board

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A new North Steyne Board took the helm at the AGM on 21 July 2019. Many of last season’s Board members remain, and we said farewell to some others. President Frank Traugott stepped down after 4 years. Kyra Jenkins left the Board after 3 years of being Chief Instructor, and Shannon Job also stepped down from his Assistant Secretary role and involvement with the Board for many years.

We welcome Cath Hillier to the Board as Secretary, and Trae Hare-Boyd as Chief Instructor. We also welcome some new Assistant Directors: Dannii Edwards, Assistant Secretary; Jack Watt, Co-Vice Captain, Tracey Hare-Boyd, Assistant Chief Instructor; Sarah Lally, co-Assistant Competition Director, and Ewan Cooper-Frater, Assistant Youth Director. It is exciting to have all this new talent at North Steyne.

Chris Gibbs Stewart has stepped into the role of President. Chris has been at North Steyne since 2002 when her son Van joined the Nippers program. Chris has had numerous roles at the Club including Nipper’s Age Manager, Nipper’s Secretary, Nipper’s Competition Director, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Youth Director and Secretary for the last 4 years. She is a member of mighty Patrol 2, and her family Mark (husband), and kids Van and Mia are also actively involved with the club.

The 2019-2020 Season Board are:
President, Chris Gibbs Stewart
Deputy President, Jack Sutherland
Treasurer, Tony Falzarano; Assistant, Mark Neighbour
Secretary, Cath Hiller; Assistant, Dannii Edwards
Club Captain, Dan Hillier; Vice-Captains, James Purvis and Jack Watt
Chief Instructor, Trae Hare-Boyd; Assistant Chief Instructor, Tracey Hare-Boyd
Junior Activities Director, Brian Mariotti; Assistant, Hillary Burrows
Youth Director, Jodie Frazer; Assistant, Ewan Cooper-Frater
Competition Director, Deb Foote; Assistants, Robert Szewczak and Sarah Lally
Marketing Director, David Cowell; Assistant, Brett Edwards
General Activities Director, Claire Oxlade; Assistant, Peter Frater
Executive Officer, Paul Mathew

All Board members contribute many hours to ensuring the Club properly functions, and do all those things behind the scenes that most people don’t know about. We cannot do it alone, however, and need everyone’s contribution to ensure we can fulfill our responsibilities as a surf lifesaving club.

Assisting in the Administration of the Club is Audrey Bruen who can answer any questions regarding membership, registration, or taking payments. Audrey can be reached during office hours at the Club. See her contact details on the homepage.

We are looking forward to another great season and thank you in advance for your contribution!