North Steyne Ocean Swims – Results

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What a day at North Steyne for our 20th Ocean Swims. The sun was shining, the temperature was pushing 30, and the swell was up. Almost 300 people participated in both swims with some great results!

To see the results and download a certificate, please click on this link –

Quick Facts:
Youngest swimmer: 11 years – Awesome!
Oldest swimmer: 88 years – Wow!
1km Fastest time M: 13:22
1km Fastest time F: 15:55
2.8km Fastest time M: 37:41
2.8km Fastest time F: 42:13
Most swimmers by age group M: 50-59 years
Most swimmers by age group F: 20-29 years

Thanks to everyone who participated, and a special thanks to our great North Steyne volunteers! We needed all hands on deck for today’s swim and everyone did an awesome job!