Thefts and changes to the Club access

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Dear NS Members,

Please note that the North Steyne Clubhouse has had a number of thefts as recently as last weekend from inside the clubhouse and on the beach.  North Steyne has a number of security cameras, and these thefts have been referred to the police.

To reduce these issues, all members are asked to ensure that all entry doors, other than the beachside lifeguard access that is open during the Council Lifeguard shifts, remain closed. 

These doors include the downstairs street side entry, which is often chocked open. This door should not be chocked open at all, if you see it chocked open please close it.  This door is able to be accessed without a fob during patrolling hours.

Additionally,  the downstairs southern access door that leads towards the surf school is often hooked to the wall to allow access to washing rescue boards, etc.  Once any activity around this door has been completed, it should be closed.

It is all member’s responsibility to be aware of their surroundings and who is in the clubhouse. The clubhouse is for members’ use only. if you see someone who you do not know in the club, please inform a responsible person i.e parent, age manager, lifesaver, board member, etc, so that they can determine an appropriate response to ensure our clubhouse is safe and secure for all members.


Dave Guthrie, Club Captain- on behalf of the NS Board