2023 SLSSNB Branch Championships – Water Events

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Our crew of 25 Nippers did the Club so proud! 4th overall in Club points & Bronze in All Age Board Relay!

They should all be extremely proud of themselves and all their acheivments!!

U14 (L-R) Charlie Colwell & Josh Turner
U11 Tom McIilvain and Joel Colwell
U12 Felix Stephens and Harvey Collins
U11 Zoe Lancaster
U9 Hugo Collins and Flori Pennie
U11 Top L-R Olivia Murphy, Zoe Lancaster, Millie Crofton and Addie Burrows (bottom)
U9 Hugo Collins
U10 Flori Pennie
U13 (L-R) Luke SIlver, Rory Pennie, Kody Burrow
U11 Addie Burrows and Milli Crofton
U11 Joel Colwell
U12 Felix Stephens
U10 Seren Morgan

U12 (L-R) Felix Stephens, Harvey Collins and Iggy Jenkins

North Steyne Results:

All Age Relay โ€“ 3rd โ€“ Hugo Collins, Flori Pennie, Millie Crofton, Felix Stephen, Kody Burrows, Eva Haughton
Boys Boards โ€“ Hugo Collins 1st
Boys Swim โ€“ Hugo Collins 1st
Girls Boards โ€“ Flori Pennie 1st, Seren Morgan 7th
Girls Swim โ€“ Seren Morgan 3rd
Boys Boards โ€“ Joey Walker 12th, Charlie Herfort 15th
Boys Swim โ€“ Charlie Herfort 7th
Boys Board Relay โ€“ 3rd -Hugo Collins, Joey Walker, Charlie Herfort
Boys Boardsโ€“ Joel Colwell 6th, Tom McIilvain 13th
Girls Boards โ€“ Addison Burrows 6th, Milli Crofton 9th, Olivia Murphy 11th, Zoe Lancaster 12th
Girls Swim โ€“ Zoe Lancaster 3rd
Girls Swim Team โ€“ 3rd โ€“ Zoe Lancaster, Milli Crofton, Addison Burrows, Olivia Murphy
Girls Ironman โ€“ Zoe Lancaster 11th, Milli Crofton 11th, Addison Burrows 12th
Boys Ironman โ€“ Joel Colwell 4th(State Qualify), Tom Mcilvain 12th
Boys Board Relay โ€“ 5th Joel Colwell, Tom Mcilvain, Charlie Herfort
Girls Board Relay – Team A: 3rd โ€“ Addison Burrows, Milli Crofton, Olivia Murphy
Team B: 6th โ€“ Zoe Lancaster, Flori Fennie, Seren Morgan
Boys Boards โ€“ Felix Stephens 3rd, Harvey Collins 8th
Boys Swim โ€“ Felix Stephens 4th, Harvey Collins 9th
Boys Ironman โ€“ Felix Stephens 2nd(State Qualify), Harvey Collins 12th
Boys Board Relay โ€“ 2nd Felix Stephens, Harvey Collins, Iggy Jenkins
Girls Swim โ€“ Ciara Maguire 7th
Board Rescue โ€“ 5th Felix Stephens, Harvey Collins
Boys Boards โ€“ Luke Silver 3rd, Kody Burrows 5th, Rory Pennie 8th, Tomi Crofton 11th
Ironman โ€“ Kody Burrows 6th (State Qualify), Luke Silver 13th, Tomie Crofton 14th
Board Relay โ€“ 2nd โ€“ Kody Burrows, Luke Silver, Rory Pennie
Board Rescue โ€“ Team A: Kody Burrows, Rory Pennie, 2nd (State Qualify)
Team B: Tomi Crofton, Luke Silver 3rd (State Qualify)
Boys Cameron: 4th โ€“ Kody Burrows, Luke Silver, Rory Pennie, Tomi Crofton
Boys Swim Team โ€“ 3rd – Kody Burrows, Luke Silver, Rory Pennie, Tomi Crofton
Girls Boards โ€“ Sienna Omondi 14th
Girls Boards โ€“ Eva Haughton 5th, Charlie Walker 12th
Boys Boards โ€“ Josh Turner 6th, Charlie Colwell 8th
Boys Board Rescue โ€“ 3rd Charlie Colwell, Josh Turner (State Qualify)
Girls Board Rescue โ€“ 5th Eva Haughton, Charlie Walker
Girls Board Relay โ€“ 2nd Eva Haughton, Charlie Walker, Sienna Omondi
Boys Board Relay โ€“ 3rd- Charlie Colwell, Josh Turner, Tomi Crofton
Boys Ironman โ€“ Charlie Colwell 10th
Girls Ironman โ€“ Eva Haughton 8th(State Qualify), Charlie Walker 12th
Girls Swim โ€“ Eva Haughton 7th, Charlotte Walker 12th