Becoming a Nipper

Proficiency Swims

All Nippers must complete a proficiency swim before entering any water activities on Sundays at Nippers. Pool swims are required for U8s and above. Proficiency swims will be held in September at the Manly Aquatic Centre. We normally wait for the water to warm up for U6s and U7s who will need to do their proficiency at North Steyne. Nippers registering after the scheduled proficiency dates will need to organise a separate proficiency swim with their Age Manager. These swims are usually conducted at the Queenscliff pool.

Nipper Clothing

All Nippers must wear a North Steyne hi-vis Rash-vest for safety and a North Steyne Nipper cap. Optional North Steyne Swimmers are for sale along with unisex jammers, swimming costumes, caps. See Online Shop in the menu.


We welcome all kids ages 5-13 to our Nipper’s program. At North Steyne we believe in ensuring that kids feel encouraged and welcome to participate, and that they are truly part of the North Steyne team. We promote a fun and safe environment on the beach which is not only enjoyable for the Nipper, but the entire family as well.

In accordance with regulations from Sydney Northern Beaches Branch, a child must have turned 5 prior to 30 September of the year that they are eligible to join Nippers. Children are registered in the age group according to the age of the child on 30 September. For example, if your child is 11 on 30 September, the child will be in the Under 12’s.

For all NEW registrations:

    • All Nippers must have an accompanying adult parent/carer join as a “General” member. It’s expected that all parents will actively contribute to Nipper activities.
    • Your child will register as a “Junior Activities” Member. This will allow him or her access to all the benefits of the Nipper’s program, including training for kids U8+.
    • Note: Each family member will need to create their own unique Member’s Area Account. First, you will need to create a separate account for yourself (parent/carer) and then one for each child. Each member will need a unique username which you can usually use their first name and surname or first initial and surname. If desired, you can use the same password for all your family when creating these accounts.
    • Family memberships are available, see fee schedule below. Learn how to create a family group here.
    • Active Kids Vouchers are accepted, learn how to redeem here.
    • You must bring proof of age (passport or birth certificate) to the Club to be sighted for your Nipper to complete the registration process. This can be completed at our registration day or before Nippers on Sunday mornings. Unfortunately your Nipper will be unable to participate in Sunday activities if we do not have this on file.

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For Membership Renewals:

Simply login to your SLSA portal account and press renew or click here.  If you have forgotten your login details, please email [email protected] for assistance.

Membership fees can be paid via the online payment gateway which is linked to your Member’s Area account. You can bulk pay the whole family’s membership fees in one payment.
Please ensure that you clearly record the name of each family member in the description field when making payment. This indicates to us your payment covers more than one child. Failure to do this will delay the approval of your registration.

For all enquiries about the Nipper program at North Steyne contact our Nipper’s Directors via [email protected].

Each Nipper


Carnival costs TBA

General Member


General Member

Family 3-4


3 to 4 members

Family 5+


5 plus members

For a full fee schedule please click here.