Save the Date: First Sunday Nippers – October 15th

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Mark your calendars because the first Sunday Nippers session is scheduled for the 15th of October. It’s the day our nippers hit the beach, learn valuable skills, and have an absolute blast in the sun and surf. Make sure your child doesn’t miss out on the fun and learning that Nippers provides!

Registration Is Open

Registrations for the upcoming Nippers season are now open, and we kindly request all our Nipper families to register as soon as possible. Your timely registration not only ensures a smooth start to the season but also greatly supports our organization. For detailed registration instructions, please visit here.

Proficiency Swims Update

Congratulations to all our nippers who successfully completed the first proficiency swim! Please remember that the second and final proficiency swim is scheduled for Sunday, 8th October. It’s a must-do to participate in water activities at Nippers for all Nippers U8 and above. Find out more about the requirements here, and don’t forget to RSVP through TeamApp.