Paul with his 20 year SLSA National Patrol Service award

a Life Member who keeps on giving…

Cath Hillier Homepage news

Congratulations to Paul Matthew, pictured above, with his 20 year SLSA National Patrol Service award. A prestigious award for a member who has shown outstanding commitment to North Steyne SLSC and to serving the public.

You may have heard it said many times, that in clubs and other organisations “it is the same people that get all the acknowledgement and hold all the positions“. It often leads people to conclude that the “organisation is biassed or entrenched”. Sometimes that may be true. Other times it is not and there are good reasons for it.

Our Paul Mathew is a great example of a “Life member who keeps on giving”.

Paul Mathew was made a Life Member in 2011. We know you can do the maths, but that is 10 years ago. You could easily be forgiven for thinking that Paul Mathew does not have to do any more. But he does. Paul is not just continuing on patrols, but he is Patrol Captain of Patrol 9.

It will be no surprise to you that he is the only club member that has been named “Clubperson of the Year” three (3) times in the club’s history.

Very few people have achieved the 20 years National Patrol Service award within the club’s 114 years. You do not get voted on this award “by your mates”. You get it because you earn it and you did the time.

Well done Paul Mathew! We are so lucky to have you in our family club.