Freshwater Masters, recap by Lou Lou

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A stunning day for the first Masters carnival of the season. A team of winners from the start of this glorious day at Freshwater.
With toes on the line at 8 am sharp the 2-4 ft SE swell conditions were looking exciting if a little challenging….  but the sun was out, the sky was blue and the North Steyne team was pumped!

It was a morning full of high level and brave performances.
A smooth start from the men’s swim team who once past the break sprinted back to shore in fine form – lung capacity tested close to the max and special mention to NIELS for pushing himself to the limit as he ducked under a massive wave eventually emerging and making it strongly back to shore.

TIM produced a seamlessly smooth performance in all 3 disciplines (ski swim board) despite being smashed on the ski – remaining calm as always he couldn’t resist the offer of a JetSki return to shore.
SARAH led by example and took on the waves in a magnificent display on board and swim and finished on a high with the dash for cash just as the waves were stepping it up.
ERIN had a stunning carnival both board and swim – committing to catching one of the huge waves with true Colman style.
STU was remarkable in both swim and board, never giving up when caught in the wave zone and bringing his board home with speed and skill.
PHILIP has earned his place in our team history with his courageous ski and board legs – looking as smooth as a seasoned pro Philip and ski glided  into the beach.
CHRIS showed his true surf skills on board and swim no challenge too great. Smooth. Strong. Efficient.
JONO made his team proud with his relaxed board shorts approach hiding his natural talent and caught the wave of the day for his swim leg in the team taiplin.
LOU LOU managed to not lose her board and is eternally grateful to my wonderful team for all the words of wisdom when I felt like running away at the start line!

To all who made this carnival  possible huge thanks: To our incredible coaches TOM and HARRISON.
To our wonderful North Steyne Club.
And to the kids, family and absent training buddies who made the day even bette
Masters Men Team 1 – Niels, Tim & Chris
Masters Men Team 2 – Jono, Phillip & Stu
Erin Colwell, Sarah Lally & Lou Lou Stanley
Lou lou Stanley, Erin Cowell, Jono Colwell, Sarah Lally, Keith Abraham 
Stu Crofton, Niels Theoleson, Tim Platt, Chris Haughton & Phillip Du