Volunteer Spotlight – Best New Bronze Holder 2022

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It’s National Volunteer Week, #NVW2022, so join us in celebrating our winner of the Peter Logan Memorial Shield – Best New Bronze Holder Award presented last week at the Annual Awards Presentation night.

For the recipient Evelyn Killick, Eve as she is more commonly known, this award has extra special meaning.

Eve was a bright star in the Bronze Medallion Course last November. Signing up for the course, willing to have a go to gain her bronze medallion for the second time. Eve revealed that she had done this before many years ago but family life moving her in different directions prevented her from keeping up her skills.

It was to our surprise that Eve had indeed completed her Bronze before, and when she did, it was a historical moment – Eve shared with us that she was in North Steyne’s first ever Women’s Bronze Medallion Group in 1981. Her Dad, Dr John Killick was the course instructor, the group is pictured below.

Eve’s Dad, Dr John Killick, with the first ladies Bronze group, Eve is in the bottom row on the right.

Last year, having to do her proficiency swim twice after falling short of the time by only 9 seconds the first time, Eve was determined, She did not let that deter her. Off she went and trained in the pool and came back the next week to pass the swim with ease. It is great testament to Eve that a “never give up” attitude prevails.

When it came to Eve’s assessment day, the conditions at Whale Beach were dangerous. There was no way new Bronzies were going to be sent out into waves that big. The Dry components were completed at Whaley and off to Palm Beach they went to complete the wet. Eve was an absolute superstar, not giving up in tough conditions and completed the board rescue 100% to her teammate, Peta’s relief!

Eve,(far right) with her fellow Bronzies Peta and Joanna smiling after completing the assessment at Palm Beach

The role of women in North Steyne has changed dramatically since Surf Life Saving allowed women to take their Bronze Medallion in 1980, currently we have close to 100 active female members.

Welcome Back Eve!!! Your Dad would be so proud! And thank you for stepping up into the General Activities team and working behind the Clubroom Bar at social events and Sunday sessions. We are very lucky to have you back as a member of the NS volunteer team.

Eve working behind the bar with Paul at the Christmas member function