Welcome to the 2023/24 Surf Season

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Dear Members,

I’m writing to welcome you to the 2023/24 Season, and to support you with the information you need to confidently return to lifesaving with North Steyne SLSC for the coming season.

Key Dates

■ Membership registration / renewals open – 01 September 2023

■ Season starts (Flags Up) – 23 September 2023

■ Patrol season ends – 28 April 2024

Renewing your Membership

Please renew your annual membership as soon as you can this season using the SLS Online Members Portal.

If you have any questions or would like assistance with your membership, contact Tara McKnight, the North Steyne SLSC Administration Officer at [email protected] or go to the Club website which has easy-to-follow instructions.

SLSA policy states that non-financial members will automatically be archived in SurfGuard on 30 October this season. Advice will be sent to individuals, clubs and branches closer to this date. This will ensure that only financial, and therefore fully insured members, are eligible to be involved in club activities, so please get your renewal done prior to this date.

What’s new this Season?

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the beach this season, and I encourage you to say hello when you see me. I much prefer chatting when we informally catch up on the beach or when you’re on patrol to answer any questions rather than arranging extra meetings.

I have met with Patrol Captains and the Club Executive already as we rapidly approach 23 September.

Lifesaving functions are in great shape.

– The IRBs have been operating throughout the off-season supporting crew and driver courses; 

– All our equipment has been professionally serviced and checked by inspectors in the last month; and

– We’ve replaced old equipment with new and more has been ordered to ensure you have the best available gear to get the best outcomes.  

Your Patrol Roster

The Patrol Roster is out! Please check the Club website or the SLS Online Members Portal to identify when you’re next on patrol. If you have other commitments which clash with a patrol responsibility, don’t wait – seek a substitute or swap with someone as early as you can. Don’t forget to inform your Patrol Captain too.

How can you get prepared?

Put some time into preparing for the season physically and mentally, think about having a swim, going for some strenuous walks or runs and brush up on your first aid and resuscitation skills.

Skills Maintenance this year will be straightforward and we intend to get the majority of members through this early to avoid leaving it until the Christmas period when you’ve got other things to do.

It is a requirement for Active Patrollers or Award members to complete the online Skills Maintenance 2023/24 course, prior to proficiency.  In your members portal go to Membership tab > Courses > E Learning > Training Library – there you will find either the Bronze or SRC skills maintenance course. There is no need for a certificate to be printed this year as we will be using the assessing app (your PC will be informed in the use of this app).

How can I help?

As a volunteer organisation, we are all giving our spare time to contribute to the Northern Beaches community. Each of us bring something very important to our functions at North Steyne SLSC and I value the diversity you add to the team.

You can’t always do everything or know everything you feel you need to, so don’t forget to ask for help. Remember, if you know you can’t do a patrol, seek a substitute or swap with someone as soon as you can.

The members of the Lifesaving Panel (not including those consulted from the other club portfolios) are members who want to help get the best for all patrolling members at North Steyne SLSC. Please use them as your way to improve or fix issues you see.

This season, your Lifesaving Panel are:

Club Vice Captains

■  Annabel Filmer

■  Lexie Landrak

IRB Captain

■  Mark Stewart

Lifesaving Panel (General)

■  Emma Winter

■  Emilie Morris

■  Kyra Jenkins

■  Luke Gordon

■  Jon Holman

If you want to be a part of this energetic team, just contact me!

What we value at North Steyne

We expect that every member who contributes to Lifesaving at North Steyne this season works as a part of the team. Giving and getting help from other members, being aware of group dynamics and doing your best to add value. Equally, if you can’t do something, just ask for help, we are here to support each other. The Code of Conduct is something you should be aware of and the Club Constitution and Regulations are another important resource to know if you are looking for more information.

I am here to help you and I know I’ll ask you to help me sometime this season too.

See you on the beach!